About us

Mission, goals and means of achieving them
The Small and Medium Policy Institute Association is a Bulgarian independent, voluntary, nonprofit organization created in 2016 that operates in the public interest.
The mission of the Institute is to provide specialized expertise, analytical and practical support to SMEs in Bulgaria, thus contributing to their long-term successful development.
The objectives of the Institute are:
Support the activities and development of Bulgarian SMEs and entrepreneurs in the country by offering strategic decisions and policies in this area;
Active participation in the formulation of national, regional and local strategies and policies to promote the development of SMEs in Bulgaria and expand the opportunities for its financing;
Promotion of trends, directions and possibilities for development of SMEs set in initiatives such as the Strategy for the Digital Single Market of the European Union, initiative for small and medium enterprises of the European Union, Operational Program “Initiative for SMEs” in Bulgaria and others;
Creating successful partnerships between SMEs and public institutions involved in the implementation of policies in the field of small and medium businesses;
Publicly defend the interests of Bulgarian SMEs in discussing the new strategic policies and initiatives;
Improving the legal framework for SMEs in Bulgaria, reducing the administrative and regulatory burden, encouraging regulatory impact assessment of proposed changes in regulation affecting SMEs and the business environment in Bulgaria.
The Institute achieves its objectives by carrying out the following activities:
Organization, development, implementation and evaluation of policies, strategies, analyzes, programs and projects at local, national and international level in the field of support and development of small and medium enterprises;
Organizing advocacy campaigns and coordinating the efforts of Bulgarian small and medium enterprises to improve legislation to ensure their rights and improve the environment in which they operate in Bulgaria;
Providing expert assistance, including quality and accessible economic, business, commercial and other information for small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria by attracting Bulgarian and foreign experts and consultants;
Collection, systematization and transfer of good and successful practice of the member states of the European Union within the general policy of the Union to support small and medium business set out in the “Law for Small Business” (Small Business Act for Europe) 2008 , as well as other international experience.
Creating a database of information on the status and problems of SMEs in Bulgaria and exchange of data between them;
Active interaction with local, regional, national and international organizations and informal structures in the context of formulating and implementing policies to Bulgarian small and medium enterprises to improve their efficiency and solve current problems related to their development;
Implement and maintain a permanent exchange of information on joint initiatives and projects with other interested organizations – associations, industry chambers, scientific organizations, local and foreign companies, government entities and others.
Organizing and conducting trainings, participation in public discussions and other events to present the positions and the interests of Bulgarian small and medium enterprises.
Organizing meetings, roundtables, trainings, conferences, seminars and other public events to support the activities of small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria;

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